Biden Buxx is not a joke.
Gas prices might be high, but they aren’t as high as the brightest man I know, my son, Hunter.
As my old momma used to say poor crypto kids are just as degen and just as talented as other degens.

If Corn pop were around today, he would fight Putin’s Price hikes by buying Biden Buxx. Not a joke, If you have a problem figuring out why Biden Buxx isn’t the meme crypto for you, you ain’t degen, Bucko. Like my defense chief, you know… the guy…
Signed, Kamala Harris’ Vice President Joseph Biden.

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Biden Buxx (Ticker: BBUX)

Buy/Sell Taxes (0%)

0% buy or sell taxes cuz inflation is whack enough already without starting you 10% down and 10% is my Big Guy fee

LP Locked

Liquidity locked until late 2024. Contract renounced, unlike Hunter's lucrative contracts with Burisma. Thanks, Vold!


Biden Buxx shouldn’t be considered an investment.
It’s a community-owned project that's 100% decentralized on the Ethereum blockchain.
No one person or entity owns Biden Buxx, it 100% belongs to the community.
Biden Buxx is NOT responsible for losses or errors you experience and you should invest at your OWN risk.

NO information on this website should be considered as financial advice.
Biden Buxx is HIGH RISK and you should NOT invest more money than you can afford to lose.
You know, the thing…

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